In psychology, motivation is seen as a process by which an individual selects the most relevant to their needs from a number of incoming messages and carries out behavior based on it. While discussing the grounds for teachers’ motivation, it is important to consider the significance of teachers’ self-efficacy. Teachers with high self-efficacy typically incorporate didactic and innovative methods into the learning environment as they are more confident in their own abilities and those methods give students more independence and autonomy.
Within the framework of the research, 405 teachers of private and public schools from five different cities of Georgia, participated in the survey. The convenient sampling method was used throughout the survey.
The results of the study showed that among the surveyed teachers, instruction giving and disciplinary self-efficacy were highest. Teachers also showed high level of external motivation type - identified regulation, which implies that teachers perceive their work as highly important. The results also show that high level of teacher self-efficacy is associated with their high motivation, while low self-efficacy is associated with low level of motivation. Regression analysis furthermore confirms that teachers’ level of self-efficacy is one of the main predictors of their motivation.