The concept and notion of cyber security have become more important nowadays as the Internet has paved every aspect of the daily lives of individuals and organizations. Internet is acting like blood in modern lifestyle and communication systems. Due to the increased use of the Internet, several threats to cyber security have come into existence in the cyber world. The need for cyber security cannot be underestimated due to the continuously evolving technologies of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and our dependence on the Internet. This research studies cyber security awareness among students of higher education on some primary demographic and educational grounds such as gender, place of residence, level of study, etc. The data for this study was obtained through the Internet by graduates, masters, and research students from many universities and colleges at the national level. The difference was not found in students based on gender and the nature of the course. A significant difference was found in the cyber security awareness on the basis of the residential location and disciplines of the students. Students living in urban areas were found to be more aware of cyber security than students living in rural areas. However, no significant difference was found between them based on the level of study. In conclusion, the results of this study cannot be considered conclusive as a generalization is not possible due to some natural and uncontrolled limitations of resear