The present artikle discusses the type of contemporary composing, in which the role of composer can not be explained in the traditional sense. At present time, composers often do not write their opuses, but they “build” them up through transformation with different ways of the borrowed material. It should be noted that, creators of contemporary musicidentify ”someone else’s” material as “their own”.The similar stylish intertextuality is implemented intentionally and consistently through formulas’ thinking method, which is today recognized as a phenomenon called BRICOLAGE.
The study represents the samples of different musical practices where the similarity with Bricolage methods is clearly shown. From preceding systems, here is brought liturgical-chant system, particularly Georgian, which musical compositions were created by combination of ready melodic formulas.
The postmodern Bricolage method is characterized by modeling of musical constructions from heterogeneous elements. ”Someone else’s” material might be art product as well as non-art: academic music of different styles, folk music, jazz, rock, film soundtracks, launch music, recording of city, nature, technics voice/sound etc.
Technical aspect of creation of Bricolage forms also is subject of interest. The carried out analysis revealed which compositional technics are used by the bricoleurs during the working process. Among them there are: polistylistic, aleatoric, minimalism, montage, sample compositions, DJing.