In the presented article the method of the breaking waves and surf parameters determination, caused by catastrophic events on the slopes of the reservoir and the dam is discussed.
The task, due to its complexity, is solved using a hydraulic apparatus, which, despite some assumptions, fully meets the practical-engineering requirements.
It is worth noting that the impact of friction forces on the current events and therefore the energy losses will be taken into account in hydraulic form, according to Shazey-Manning. The density coefficient is taken according to Gangl’ye-Kutter.
Obtained dependencies determine the surf front speed on the slopes of the reservoir, the height of the broken wave flow, the length of the flow up the slope, the flow of water overflowing the dam or the slope.
Obtained dependencies are suitable for calculating the surf ’ parameters in the case of both long and short wave excitation. However, the solutions do not include any experimental constants and represent only the result of the theoretical approach adopted.