The article is devoted to the development of a method for assessing the didactic complexity of various sections of the general physics course, which takes into account the complexity of text and formula information. The essence of the proposed method is as follows: 1) write out ten key concepts with the greatest complexity from each sub-paragraph; 2) collect all keywords in one text file and divide them into several difficulty categories; 3) using the computer program Slozhnost.pas accessing the dictionary Slovar.txt, analyze the files with keywords and determine the total amount of information contained in the key concepts from the various paragraphs; 4) estimate the proportion of mathematical and other formulas for each paragraph; 5) for each sub-paragraph, write out 5 key terms of maximum complexity used in mathematical formulas; 6) for each paragraph, create files containing keywords included in the formulas; 7) assess the complexity of each term and use the program Slozhnost.pas to determine the total amount of information in keywords for each paragraph; 8) from different sections of the manual, randomly select sentences, determine the average words length and the average number of syllables in words, find an indicator of the complexity of the sentences structure; 9) for each paragraph, calculate differential and integral complexity for text and formula information.