To study parenting styles and social-emotional competence among adolescents.
The cross-sectional investigation took place in Faisalabad, Pakistan between August 2022 and January 2023. A total of four hundred participants were included in the study, employing a purposive sampling method. Specifically, two hundred adolescents were chosen from various schools and residential areas, while an additional two hundred parents of these adolescents were engaged to gather data. To assess parenting styles, the Parenting Style Questionnaire was utilized, while the Social-Emotional Competence Scale was employed to evaluate the social and emotional competence of the adolescents. The data obtained were analysed using SPSS-21. For the present investigation, individuals aged between 10 to 21 years were enlisted as participants, comprising 50.2% females and 49.8% males. The parents who participated in the study included both mothers (64%) and fathers (46%), without any age restrictions. The findings of the study indicated a substantial association between parenting styles and the social-emotional competence of adolescents, with a significance level of (p<.01). Parenting styles emerged as a powerful predictor of adolescents' social-emotional competence, yielding impactful insights into the crucial role parents play in shaping their children's emotional well-being and social abilities.