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2004 | No.1

N.Ramishvili, Z.Khvedelidze, R.Aplakov, G.Erkomaishvili,T.Shalamberidze
Mountain-canyon circulation and the local atmosphere processes  3-12
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On the question of depolarization of light in nonstationary absorbing objects  13-19
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T.Babutsidze, T.Kopaleishvili, D.Kurashvili
Bound systems in the framework of two-body Dirac equations obtained from different versions of 3d-reductions of the bethe-salpeter equation  20-43
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L. Akhobadze, V. Garsevanishvili, T. Jalagania, Yu. Tevzadze
On the universality and asymptotic behavior of the multiplicity distributions of charged hadrons in the collisions at high energies in the framework of the cluster-cascading model  44-55
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L. Akhobadze, V. Garsevanishvili, T. Jalagania, Yu. Tevzadze, G. Vanishvili
Average multiplicity of charged secondaries as a function of the number of interacting nucleons in the collisions of relativistic nuclei in the energy range of (0.250-200) Agev  56-68
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A.Ugulava, T. Gvarjaladze, S. Chkhaidze
The determination of time of initial chaotization in the system of interacting spins  69-78
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Z.Khvedelidze, A Amiranashvili, J.Dolidze, D. Chitaladze, N. Pavlenishvili
Statistical structure of diurnal precipitation distribution on the territory of eastern Georgia  79-87
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A.Ugulava, L. Chotorlishvili, K. Nickoladze
Statistical description of evolution of the quantum pendulum  88-114
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N.Chachava, I.Lomidze, D.Karkashadze, J.Javakhishvili
About one contradiction in classical electrodynamics  115-130
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Sh. Kekutia. N. Chkhaidze
Sound propagation peculiarities for He3 –He4 superfuid solution filled aerogel  131-143
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