This study aimed to identify the problems experienced by middle and high school administrators and to compare the solution methods they applied for these problems. The research was conducted with the participation of 10 school administrators working in the Hopa district of Artvin province. The phenomenology design, one of the qualitative research methods, was used in the research, and a structured interview form was used for data collection. The descriptive analysis method was used for data analysis. According to the findings, the problems encountered by school principals at both levels and the solutions were similar. It was found that peer bullying was against lower grades in both levels, there was a school uniform application in all schools, the success factor was considered sufficient, and both levels had two school administrators. It was concluded that situations such as phone addiction and smoking were more common in high school. Chronic absenteeism was rare at both levels. In addition, most school administrators stated that they did not have a communication problem with teachers. It was suggested that the interview form created could be used before guidance studies and could be applied in different regions.