Sattar J Aboud
Ученая степень,
научные интересы.
Sattar J Aboud received his Bachelor degree in 1975. In 1982, he earned his MS degree in computing science. A Ph.D. was received in 1988 in the area of computing systems. The last two degrees were awarded from U.K. In 1990, he joined the Institute of Technical Foundation, Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq as an assistant professor and a head of computer systems department. In 1993 he moved to Arab University College for Science and Technology in Iraq as an associate professor and a dean deputy. In 1995 he joined the Philadelphia University in Jordan as an associate professor and a chairman of computer science and information systems department, faculty of IT. In 2004 he moved to the Amman Arab University for Graduate Studies, Graduate College for computing studies as a professor. Currently, he is a professor at the department of computer information systems at the Middle East University for Graduate Studies, Amman-Jordan. His research interests include areas like public key cryptography, stenography (information hiding) digital signatures, identification and authentication, secret sharing keys, subliminal and covert channels, data compressions, software piracy, viruses, networks security, and algorithm analyzes and design. He has supervised numerous PhDs and Masters Degrees research thesis and projects of diverse areas. He edited the book computer security (Baghdad, Iraq: 1993). Sattar J Aboud has published more than 50 research papers in a multitude of international journals and conferences