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Computer Sciences and Telecommunications GESJ:
General provisions
Statement on Open Access
Conception of the journal

General provisions: Statement on Open Access:
  • We provide an open access for any research article published in the journal.
  • We are working with other publishers of open access works and interested parties to develop tools for authors to facilitate publication of articles in standard electronic formats suitable for archival storage and efficient searching.
  • Our open access model is financed by Georgian Technical University  and Muskhelishvili Institute of Computational Mathematics   and there is no publishing fees to researchers.
Licensing: Conception of the journal:
  1. The journal is a uniform database of full texts of the documents.
  2. The journal is issued in an electronic type and has no paper version.
  3. Each article accepted for consideration by Editorial Council, passes reviewing. After reviewing article can be accepted for publication, or can be sent to the author for completion, or can be rejected.
  4. The journal is abstracted at VINITI, INION and TECHINFORMI.
  5. All materials of the journal are periodically rewritten on CD-ROM and stored indefinite time, are also sent to the central libraries of the different countries. The storage is carried out by Internet Academy, as the founder of the journal, Georgian National Library and Georgian Research Institute of Scientific and Technical Information (TECHINFORMI). Thus the rights of the authors of articles published in the journal are protected.
  6. The journal is focused first of all on unpublished scientific materials (articles, results of researches, etc.), submitted by the authors to the journal with the condition of open access and using exclusively in scientific purposes with preservation of all property and non-property copyrights on submitted work.
  7. The authors are responsible for the contents of article and for fact of its publication.
  8. The journal is not responsible for possible damage caused by the publication of the article. If the publication of the article infringes someone's rights or standard norms of scientific ethics, the journal has the right to withdraw published article.
  9. Editorial Board of the journal, is focused on maintenance of its high status, authority and is guided by criteria and requirements established for academic journals.
  10. Editorial Board of the journal determines prospects of functional development of the journal as a whole and works on settling of current problems.
  11. Editorial Board has the right to publish survey articles.
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