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2003 | No.2

S.Tsereteli V.Bochorishvili M.Makhviladze M.Samkharadze
Anthropogenic effect on natural processes and its study using radiocarbon method  57-61
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Sh.Kekutia N.Chkhaidze Sh.Ben-Ezra
Equations of motion for superfluid He3-He4 solutions filled porous media  62-74
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M.Gochitashvili B.Kikiani R.Kvizhinadze R.Lomsadze
The dissociative excitation processes in collisions of electrons and helium ions with oxygen molecules  75-80
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L.Kiknadze Yu.Mamaladze
Angular momentum caused by any shape vortex line  81-91
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P.Defrance T.Kereselidze I.Noselidze M.Tzulukidze
Electron impact double ionization of helium-like ions in the metastable states  92-108
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A.Ugulava L.Chotorlishvili K.Nikoladze Z.Rostomashvili
On the theory of quantum chaos  109-149
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G.Gujabidze M.Todua
Computer processing of the experimental dates of dependence of the disk,oscillating in the rotating He I, on velocity  150-153
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A.Lomidze Sh.Tsiklauri
Modified hyperspherical function method for inverse square potential in 2d space  154
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